American Wool Series

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FO: Little Zig Zag

I'm committed to using up a certain yarn this year. Yarn that I purchased in 2007. Yarn that never seems to go away no matter how often I knit with it. Focusing on this yarn is a little painful just because it's been around for soooo long. 

This is my first completed item from Project Palette Stashdown - a little zig zag hat. 
Pattern: Little Zig Zag - improvised from my own noggin
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette - approx. 130 yards
Needles:  US #1 and US #3 Clover 16" circular and dpns

How'd I do it? Cast on with one color and change to another color for the 1x1 ribbing. Throw in some zig zaggy stripes so your kidlet's head looks like an Easter egg and do some decreases to finish it off. Oh yeah, this is stranded colorwork so you have to know that, too. Easy peasy and this one is a bit snug so I have plans for a second larger size (and maybe a freebie pattern release, too).