American Wool Series

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP: Fightin' Words

In the spirit of following through with my 2013 goals I dug out this super old Palette yarn and cast on for the Fightin' Words mitts. This happened while I  was home sick from work and had a whole day to sleep, knit, sleep, knit, sleep, and watch way too many episodes of Hoarding Buried Alive. By the end of the day I had knit an entire mitt sans thumb and cast on for the second.


  1. Love these! I've queued them, but not sure I have the colors in my stash for them (resisting the urge not to buy).

  2. Luckily I had the exact same yarn in my stash that the pattern used. My palette stash is ridiculously old and needs to be used!

  3. Heather aka Spinyarn2knitJanuary 18, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Your palette stash inspired me to dig out the palette I bought to make the spilly Jane Beer Pint mittens. I had almost a full mitten done two years ago and realized it was too small. Ripped it all out and tossed it in stash for a timeout. Problem is I can't find one ball now. Ordered a new one along with all the colors for her gnome mittens this morning because why not? I bought that pattern two years ago with the other one. Not sure that helped my stash down much!