American Wool Series

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week I pulled out a long-suffering sock project in order to work on it. It sat. I tried the finished sock on. It sat. I tried it on again. This went on for days and I finally decided yesterday to rip the sucker out!!! I unpicked the bind off threw the yarn on the ballwinder and pulled the sock out in about 2 minutes. I felt a sense of elation at the prospect of not having to knit the second sock and an ease of knitting burden in ripping it out. Yes, the yarn is back in my stash but I'll choose a pattern that I actually enjoy knitting rather than forcing myself to knit something I hate. Yay!

How about you? Do you feel burdened by a long-suffering project? Do you shove it at the bottom of the WIP box to finish at an unidentified later date or frog? How do you decide?


  1. I let it hibernate for a long long time ( like 1 year) if I still haven't worked on it, or I look at it and groan... frog pond!

  2. I guess this means our KAL is over. ;)

    Ugh, I'm not enjoying the pattern either. I'll try to press through because I have this unreasonable desire to finish all the club socks in the patterns that they came with, but in the end mine will probably be neglected so long that I'll frog it.

  3. lol...I've just discovered how liberating it is to frog something you hate! I've always been a stickler for getting things finished, but life's too short not to enjoy what you knit!