American Wool Series

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Vampire Boyfriend

I've been asking myself exactly who I would choose as my vampire boyfriend. All of Edward's talk about his soul is quite the turn off, Angel is a little too tortured with that whole "one moment of happiness" thing, Bill is a bit too old fashioned, and Dracula has that whole turning into bat thing going on. I guess that leaves Spike? I'm not really attracted to blondes although his bad boy attitude and taste in booze and music is appealing. I guess I'll just stick with the sock version - blood red and keeps my feet warm.

Pattern: My Vampire Boyfriend
Yarn: Hazel Knits in Jubilee (sock club color)
Needles: US #1 1/2 Harmony wood
Mods: My yarn is lighter weight than Colinette so I used the needle listed in the pattern and knit the large size. They're a bit tight over the heel but fit nicely other than that. I also fiddled with the pattern at the toe so I could use kitchener stitch instead of pulling the yarn through the final stitches. Cast on using the Old Norwegian cast on which is nice and stretchy.


  1. Love the color. My vampire boyfriend suggestion goes to Craven from Underworld. Actor is Shane Brolly. What a tall, dark and handsome one he is!

  2. The socks are lovely.

    Mitchell from Being Human would be my suggestion for a vampire boyfriend.

  3. Cute socks!

    I think my vampire boyfriend of choice would be Michael from the Lost Boys. If we're just talking ogling, I'd go with Eric Northman.