American Wool Series

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I ran into a few problems with this one, as you can see. While I was knitting the back I spread it out to admire my work and noticed that I had started crossing one of the cables the wrong way about 1/3 of the way down the back. A few hours later I was back on track after dropping down and re-crossing those dang cables. I'm middlingly pleased with the finished sweater but not completely thrilled and I'm not quite sure why. Fits pretty well and looks pretty good but....meh.

Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose for Berroco
Yarn: Eco+ by Cascade Yarns; color 4171
Needles: US #10 1/2 Harmony
Mods: Knit the sleeves in the round and tried on as I went. I ended up knitting the next size up but they're still pretty tight. I'm sure they'll loosen with wearing and when I finally get around to washing it. Did a three needle bind off for the back neck. I think that's it. Eco+ is definitely not as plump as Peruvia Quick so my fabric is quite drapey and the cables don't pop as much as they should. I'm okay with that since it only took two (!!!) skeins to knit the whole thing with about 20 yards to spare.


  1. Holy cow, if I had tried to fix a mistake like that, I probably would have made it worse! I kind of gasped when I saw that photo -- very impressive!

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