American Wool Series

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been working my sock yarn stash pretty hard lately. You know, digging down into deep stash and pulling old, forgotten skeins out to use in shiny new projects. It feels good to finally use yarn that has been languishing - like my yarn shipments from the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club. Flipping through my pattern binder I randomly grabbed Cleopatra's Stockings and the matching yarn and cast on. Cuff-down socks are my go-to for sock knitting since the heel flap and gusset construction fits my foot really well but this pattern is written toe-up with a provisional cast on and short rows which eliminate a seam at the front of the toe. It was interesting to knit but I'm not sure I actually liked it. It's new and different and that's about all I can say about it. We'll see how the rest of the sock goes.

How about you? Cuff-down or toe-up?


  1. i prefer cuff-down. but that's because i tried making toe-up with noro kureyon sock for the ravelympics which has no stretch and had to rip out and start over multiple times. finally gave up and made them top-down. i will try again though with a gusset and more springy yarn.

  2. Cuff down! For years and years I have shunned toe up because of the short row heel. Recently I made a pair of toe up slippers. I had purchased the pattern and spun the yarn before realizing the pattern was toe up. The toe construction was new and easy. The heel was very slick (not short row). I am willing to try toe up again, but I will always be a cuff down girl.

  3. I prefer doing socks the cuff down.
    Probably because that is the way that I was taught several years ago.
    Like you I did knit several pairs of socks for Christmas, even with the big toe. The grandchildren love those.


  4. Top down.

    I know it, and I like my sock knitting to be comforting.

    It fits.

    I prefer the sense of racing toward the ending to moving toward the opening.

  5. I have to say for the most part I am a cuff down kinda girl in the beginning it was because I never really understood the whole wrap & turn short rows.

    I am a little more familiar with them now but to me cuff down still goes alot faster then toe-up.

    I like the color yarn you have chosen for the socks.

  6. Ah, cuff down. Mostly because I don't like the pressure of feeling like I am wasting yarn by not knitting all the yarn to the bitter end.

    Heel flaps rule, too. :)

  7. As you know I'm a pretty hardcore cuff down sock knitter. To be fair, I tried toe up socks on my second pair. I hated the short row heels - luckily they weren't for me as they wouldn't have fit well. I don't like knitting them, and I don't like wearing them. Plus they always look ugly where you pick up the wraps.

    There is, however, one toe up heel that I do like, the gusseted short row heel. But I still prefer cuff down.

  8. toe-up for life! no seaming and fit my feet.

  9. I'd sworn off socks, but my work pals were knitting toe up so I decided to give it a go. Knitcents' TDTU Vanilla socks did it for me because no short rows! Actually, I ended up doing an afterthought heel that Jessica described on the latest Doubleknit. I'm on my 2nd pair which is kind of amazing to me.