American Wool Series

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is what vacation looks like! Bright, I know. I took my camera along but failed to take any pictures whatsoever. There was a lot of relaxation, knitting on the back patio, basking in the lovely weather, yarn buying (eep), and general awesomeness. We made our way down to San Francisco to have lunch with Nicole from Stash & Burn and to buy yarn at Imagiknit. Yes. A whole side trip just to buy yarn. Yeah, like you haven't done it before! I came away with a bag FULL of Madelinetosh loveliness and on top of that we dyed yarn with kool-aid a couple of days later. We used Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport and the pic is what I came away with - a skein of bright blue (8 or 10 packets of blue raspberry, presoaked in 6 packets of green tea) and a skein of shockingly bright orange (4 packets of orange and 4 packets of pink lemonade postsoaked in black tea). They look like goldfish mittens to me! If you haven't dyed yarn before I think this is a great way to start, plus your yarn will smell slightly fruity for a while. Other than the SF expedition and yarn dyeing not much happened except for hilarity with my sister and my BFF.