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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Piles of Pieces

Whew! I finally finished the pieces of my Sidelines Top and they're out blocking in the miraculously sunny weather. It feels like this thing has been on my needles forever but it's been just over a month. Huh? I think that because I'm a project knitter (as in always wanting the end project rather than the leisurely process) time has a tendency to stretch interminably until I just finish the dang thing. That's also why I have so many pictures of FOs rather then WIPs; I want the knitting to go quickly and stopping to take pictures is just time away from finishing my project. Hopefully the pieces will dry by the time the sun goes down and I can do my seaming while the Little One is napping tomorrow. I haven't pieced a sweater together in quite a while so I hope all goes well.

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