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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good On Me

Sometimes, after days and days of feeling like I'm fighting a losing war with the toddler living in my house I score a big huge point. We get along fine and have a good time in general but after wiping up a drink spill (or some other unknown liquid) for the millionth time that day or a very long refusal to nap until exhaustion breaks both of us a break is needed. Enter swim class. I signed the Little One up for swim class which means I get to swim too. We had our first class yesterday afternoon and after 5 minutes of clutching my chest trying to figure out what was going on I got a very smiley, happy, splashy baby for the next 30 minutes. First time in the pool and she's already getting the hang of kicking underwater and floating on her back with her head resting on my shoulder. We both had a great time and it made for a very sleepy and easily to put to nap little girl. Plus there's nothing cuter than little kids in swim trunks or bathing suits splashing happily away. I'm already revved up to sign up for Summer session when the schedule comes out. Woot! Score one for mom!


  1. Just as I was reading your post, my 3-year-old got out of bed for the third (but certainly not the last) time today during his nap. Getting out of the house is a huge help during these trying toddler years, so do that as much as you can. And park districts and community centers offer inexpensive classes, so load up on those!

  2. We did swim lessons with K and she loved them too!

  3. the outside pics!