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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Effed Up Bunny

If you're a Doubleknit listener or a Purlygirl you'll know that there's a KAL going on for the Celtic Bunny Hat from Toots LeBlanc. I've been saving this project to work on during knitting group on Monday nights and Monday nights only. Three weeks in and three repeats in of the cable pattern and behold - an error! I must have picked it up and started knitting on the wrong row of the chart. Blast! The little piece of knitting is soo soft and lovely that it's sad to tear part of it out but this is a glaring mistake. Who was knitting this? It can't have been me! I hate ripping back in pattern and this one is going to be a pain. I'm contemplating frogging the whole thing and getting the circumference of the hat done before I take it back to social knitting.

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