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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last night when I got home from knitting I picked up the Pearl Shrug that I'm working on for the Little One. I decided to double check my stitch count and lo and behold I was off. Way off. I had double the number of stitches I should have had on the needles. I went back and re-read the directions. Yeah. I thought I needed to cable cast on 136 stitches instead of 72. The 136 was the total stitch count for picking up and doing the cable cast on. So I had a good 50+ stitches extra after doing a bunch of broken rib and decreases. Doh! So I spent a few minutes frogging back the portion I had going and then the portion I had finished and got back to where I was yesterday morning. A whole day of knitting gone in about 5 minutes. Blech. The upside is that since the armhole sections are supposed to be much smaller they won't take as much time to knit...again. Maybe I shouldn't stay up until midnight to get one more row done (by which I mean a whole section) because I miss important little things like how many stitches to cast on. I hope that this evening I can finish up the first armhole.

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