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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Imaginary Knitting

I've been doing some actual knitting lately but since my Sock Summit weekend has come into view I've been doing a lot of thinking about socks. I'd like to knit a pair before I head down to Portland so I have a brand spankin' new pair of socks on my tootsies without all of the pilling and wear most of my sadly small hoard has going on. I am not obsessed with sock knitting and most of the pairs I have knit have been gifts for other people. I think I have maybe three pair? I've knit between six and eight pair total. After all of my sweater knitting the idea of small, portable, single skein or two skein projects is vastly appealing. My problem is deciding what to actually cast on since in my noggin everything is partially completed. The possibilities are endless.

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