American Wool Series

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here I Come!!!

I just worked it out with the Man to take the weekend off for Sock Summit in August. !!! I'll be heading down to Portland solo (as in sans baby, sans hubby) to have some alone time with a bajillion crazy knitters. That's 2 WHOLE NIGHTS to do nothing but knit and visit with friends. I've even got a place to stay. I'm not registered for classes since I won't be exclusively in town for Sock Summit but I'm excited to have my very own schedule for at least one day. The Man is not totally happy with this arrangement but since his band is probably going on tour for nine days this Fall and I'm taking the Little One to visit family in Kansas for six days I should get at least a couple of days off, don't you think? I do. Now, what socks will I bring to knit?


  1. I want to see you when you are here! And you can stay here if you need to.

  2. you totally get some days off lady! glad you have some awesome travel plans coming up, super fun!