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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lost Ya There & an FO

It's been quiet around here, right? All I can say is that work has been incredibly stressful the last couple of weeks with some key people out sick and I've been going in early (like 530am early) to make sure my department stayed on track. Knitting is still happening, though.
Pattern: Raituli by Marja Suomela (free on Ravelry in English!)
Yarn: Baby Ull in Pink & White scraps
Needles: US 1 1/2 & US 3 16 inch circulars
Mods: I thought I was using a 2 1/2 for the body of the hat (the pattern calls for a 2 1/2) but apparently I was using a 3. I ran out of pink yarn at the top of the hat so the crown is mostly white. Little A doesn't care about that and is happy to have a new bright hat for our Spring weather.

Hope you all have had an easy couple of weeks and I'll be back on track with regular posts starting Monday. We're heading to a cabin for Mother's Day weekend for some probably rainy hiking and relaxation - it sounds like a perfect time for knitting!

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