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Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolutions? Resolutions! 2014

I'm not much for setting really concrete goals. An example of this is that it took me nearly ten years to go from the owner of an AA degree to the owner of two BAs. And yeah, I moved to a new city, put down roots, had to get a job to pay for the new city, and got married and started a family before deciding that I should really get going on my education goals. See? Whackadoo. 

I can't even promise myself that this year will be different, but I've finally realized that goals don't have to be concrete - I can strive toward bettering myself or my craft or my life in small, measurable ways.

Annual airing of the stash on Jan. 1st

I've got some loosey goosey goals for this year that I think I'll be able to achieve:
  • use my pattern library
  • knit more sweaters
  • use my stash, especially sweater stash
  • be mindful when choosing projects
  • learn all about weaving
  • think hard before purchasing (especially yarn)
  • be happy with my knitting, if I’m not it’s a sure sign that something is wrong
 I've got an embarrassing number of patterns and books listed in my Ravelry library. I'd like to use the patterns I have with the yarn that's in my stash, especially to knit more sweaters. Enter the mindfulness part of this equation - sometimes I know that something isn't quite right for a project and I knit it anyway and am unhappy with the result. Makes sense, right? I seriously need to face up to a yarn+pattern fail before I get to the finishing stages of a project. Aaaand instead of running out to buy new yarn for said project I'll go to my stash first since I'll be thinking hard before making purchases this year. Do I need it? Is it practical? Do I already own something that can serve the same purpose or fulfill the same need? 

Finally, I got a loom for Christmas! It's a 15" Cricket Loom and I want to learn all about weaving this year so I can weave up some of my copious stash into wraps and scarves for Christmas gifts next year.

There you have it! Like most other knitters who declare their 2014 goals I've put myself out there for public scrutiny. What are your goals for 2014? I promise I won't hold you to them.


  1. Love the city image. Just beautiful. As for the part about being a wackadoodle, well we all already knew that. That is part of your charm. ;)

    My list is your list's twin. Not sure about airing my stash for the world. That is too brave for me. heh.

  2. yay! congrats on the loom! you'll love it! i have a 24" Flip and sometimes i just like to make fabric - i think at some point I'll piece it all together into a blanket. but scarves are super fun and a great way to use stash. i love mine. Oh, and variegated yarn look way better woven on a loom than knitted - its' a good way to use up stuff i regret buying!