American Wool Series

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February already?

My apologies for the very sparse posting in January. I had a lot of things on my plate (as usual) and was getting settled into the Winter quarter of classes. Chaucer and Shakespeare turn out to be quite enjoyable, who knew?

I've never been a process knitter. I knit for the finished item and while I enjoy the process it isn't necessarily the zen experience I hear other knitters talk about. Relaxing, sure. Usually calming, yep. But I've never been a proponent of blanket knitting since that is a whoooole lot of, to me, mind-numbing sameness that removes the pleasure of knitting. But behold! Mitered crosses! I purchased this pattern and some yarn last year and in my annual stash reorganization I pulled it out and cast on. The goal is one square per week and I'm enjoying the knitting mightily. It may have something to do with the craziness that is my life right now but garter stitch and little squares sure feel good.


  1. I took Chaucer as an undergrad and was quite surprised with how much I really enjoyed it!

    I've also been working on this blanket as well but my goal of one per week fell off about six months ago (unfortunately). I'm hoping to get it going again before this winter ends.

  2. Big Love it! great colors, as usual.