American Wool Series

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Fall Goodness

That guy Jared knows how to put together a lovely Fall collection. There's quite a nice variety of sweaters and accessories although I'm surprised that only one of the sweaters is for men. What do you think?

As for Knitty Deep Fall I like the variety of projects and queued a fair share in my usual this-is-new-must-queue-now style but will likely cull the herd after the shiny new phase wears off. I thought Tenney Park was a lovely use of entrelac, which I hate knitting but like the look of, but I may have queued it because of the lovely eggplant color used in the main body of the sweater. I also like the ambroso mittens and apis dorsata

What's your favorite new Fall pattern?


  1. I know - I swooned over his new collection. Loved Bedford and the Flint mittens.

    Ambroso in the new Knitty thrilled me to no end, so I think I must knit some cable-ly mittens.

  2. I agree about the lack of patterns for men - I would love the see a mens vest. Loving the Ranger cardigan though. The womens sweaters are very pretty - especially Bedford. However, I would need to add some shaping or make it more form fitting to be flattering on me. Maybe the sweaters have shaping and are just fitting large on the models??

    I also like the entrelac sweater in Knitty and that technique usually does nothing for me. I can't wait to see what other people do with that pattern before taking the plunge.

  3. there's something about Jared Flood that just makes me want to punch him! how can all of his designs be so perfectly stylish and effortless and amazingly photographed?! it's not right. I love pretty much everything in that new collection of his. he's probably also like the nicest guy you'd ever meet. geesh.