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Monday, April 21, 2008

Music Monday

This is an album for when I'm feeling nostalgic. The Make-Up or Make-Up is a group from the mid-nineties that dissolved in early 2000. They're heavy on bass and drums and this album is a compilation of singles and b-sides from other releases. I suppose they're indie since all four of their albums are released on independent labels but they've got a great gospel/garage/soul feeling that takes me back to a late early adulthood of first tattoos, day trips to San Francisco, late nights, my first solo trip cross-country, and all sorts of liberating trouble. Frontman Svenonius preached against capitalist culture and the vacuous nature of pop music. He's since moved on to play with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists under the name David Canty. It's an interesting album and some of the songs are hit or miss but for the most part wonderfully subversively dancey and catchy.

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