American Wool Series

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Liza Jane

Pattern: Little Liza Jane from the Spring Twist Collective
Yarn: Elann Callista (cotton/linen/viscose blend) in Boysenberry
Needles: #4 Knitpicks Harmony

I knit the 6 month size which fits the little one perfectly with a tiny bit of room to grow. She's already in 6 month size clothes in general since she's so long and has the extra bulk of cloth diapers. Baby sizing seems to be even more random than adult sizing. The pattern is well-written and edited and easy to follow, which is great since it's my first pattern from the Twist Collective and they've made a great first impression (awesome patterns aside). The yarn isn't bad to work with either, although it does have cotton & linen, my hands weren't screaming at me to stop after knitting the first couple of inches. I have yarn to knit another one in the 3T size and I'm actually looking forward to knitting this pattern again. It's been really fun knitting for Audrey since I don't normally knit brightly colored things for myself, it's a good change of pace from my dark tones and jewel tones. Hooray for babies to knit things for.


  1. Gorgeous - and I add an Hooray for Mums who use cloth diapers.

  2. Way toooo cute, the back of her tiny little head with the tiniest bit of dark hair is ammazingly cute with the berry color. Very Nice!

  3. Very cute. I made mine in an identical color (Wildflower DK).